About the company
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About the company



Our Power BI team and Developers delivers high-quality reports and powerful dashboards to empower your organisation decision-makers with business insights.


We take a lot of pride in our projects delivering packages which are designed for the best outcome for your business, from data analytics, visualization and also training your staffs to be experts.


We have years of experience delivering reports and dashboards, complex data modelling and advanced DAX formulas and customised visuals.


We can also help with proof on concepts and information on which Power BI license is best for your organisation.


We would work with your data wherever you may have it stored. Whether the data stored is in on-premise data sources or cloud-based systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Azure SQL server or SQL, Excel SharePoint etc. Training will be delivered to key business users.

Why Choose Us?

PowaHour offers innovative data analytics solutions, eliminating the need for extensive IT teams. Their tailored approach guides data through ETL processes, presenting insights on user-friendly dashboards. They integrate interactive dashboards seamlessly into portals, ensuring role-based security for data access. With a proven track record in international business intelligence, they aid businesses in global operations and market expansion. Their expertise spans industries, adept at using popular dashboarding tools. PowaHour’s global presence and creative problem-solving assure seamless project progression. Beyond analytics, they provide comprehensive services including data migration, project management, and user training. PowaHour empowers organizations to harness data effectively for growth and efficiency, offering excellence, global reach, and expertise. Contact them to elevate your data analytics capabilities.


The Technologies We Work With


We work with bespoke software solutions to help your company, provide powerful data insights, and redefine customer experiences. At PowaHour Transformation Platform drives rapid ideation, confident decision-making, and defined outcomes. We blend best-of-breed methodologies to achieve successful deployments across hundreds of engagements.


Get Started on Your Data Journey