Our services
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Our services


Data analysis is becoming more and more useful for businesses, whether private or public, to help with business decision-making. We make decisions daily based on data collected from the past, the outcome and to decide what we want in the future. Some decisions could be seasonal or when a company acquire or lose an asset.
Critical processes to consider when there is a need to perform data analysis are Data Requirement Gathering, Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Data Analysis, Data Interpretation and Data Visualisation.
Our team is specialised to provide absolute best service from collection of data to visualisation.


Data Integration is a process of combining different data from many sources to show valuable insight for a business this could be done daily. An example of this is the extract, transform and load process, which people generally refer to as ETL.
Data Migration, on the other hand, is when we are transferring data from a or more to a new system entirely. Migration could be down to the storage capacity of the old system and performance or just a better control or data by bringing all into one system. Storage types, formats, data architectures and enterprise systems need to be considered before migration is implemented.


Data Modelling comes to mind first whether you are designing a database or analysing data as this is the way to get your data ready to be used or data meets the requirement.
Data modelling is usually considered to be a high-level abstract design phase to define the data types, relationships e.t.c.


PowaHour offers diverse dashboard solutions beyond Power BI, including Tableau and Qlik and so on. Their tailored approach caters to unique business needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimisation of chosen tools. With global reach and local impact, they provide insights across industries for informed decision-making. PowaHour’s expert team guides the selection process and empowers data analytics across platforms. Partnering with them means navigating dashboard tools effectively and enhancing analytics capabilities. Contact PowaHour to elevate your organisation’s data-driven decisions.


We offer comprehensive project management services catering to Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid approaches. The agile method promotes adaptability through iterative cycles, maintaining alignment with goals, budgets, and timeframes. The waterfall method emphasises sequential stages for structured projects, ensuring predictability and adherence to budget and timelines. PowaHour’s Hybrid approach blends Agile and Waterfall strengths, customised to project requirements. Experienced professionals are adept in all methods to ensure efficient management. PowaHour’s commitment lies in exceeding expectations and delivering quality within time and budget. Partnering with them ensures success through adaptable methodology and strict adherence to constraints.