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Data Analysis

Data analysis is becoming more and more useful for businesses, whether private or public, to help with business decision-making.

Data Integration and Migration

Data Integration is a process of combining different data from many sources to show valuable insight for a business this could be done daily.

Data Modelling

Data Modelling comes to mind first whether you are designing a database or analysing data as this is the way to get your data ready to be used or data meets the requirement.

Power BI Visualization and Reports

Power BI is a powerful visualisation tool designed by Microsoft to combine a large amount of data from different data sources to show insight into the best business decision-making.

Sustainable Development

Having worries managing your DATA? We have a ready-to-go infrastructure to translate your data into your dream business model

Why Choose Us ?

PowaHour offers innovative data analytics solutions, eliminating the need for extensive IT teams. Their tailored approach guides data through ETL processes, presenting insights on user-friendly dashboards. They integrate interactive dashboards seamlessly into portals, ensuring role-based security for data access. With a proven track record in international business intelligence, they aid businesses in global operations and market expansion. Their expertise spans industries, adept at using popular dashboarding tools. PowaHour’s global presence and creative problem-solving assure seamless project progression. Beyond analytics, they provide comprehensive services including data migration, project management, and user training. PowaHour empowers organizations to harness data effectively for growth and efficiency, offering excellence, global reach, and expertise. Contact them to elevate your data analytics capabilities.

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